Sunday, October 25, 2015


. Because of the Spirit of the Universe,

which flows through us,

there is no zero.

There is always something;

a thought, a feeling, a soul,

that gives everyone and everything

the chance to be a part of this world.

Look at every morning as a zero, and learn to build up from there.

First, add onto your list the things you are grateful for,

the things that are freely given by a loving Higher Power.

Add to your list those things that you know you can do,

the talent and skills given to you by a Higher Power

so that you may do His will.

Things such as being kind to a friend.

Things such as being a loving family member, and remember,

if your blood family is no longer with you,

an extended family will work just as well.

Things such as providing for yourself and others

should always be on the list.

If you haven't noticed by now, you are not a zero.

Please note that everyone in the whole wide world awakes at zero every morning.

From zero to ... whatever, is a matter of choice;

choose how fast, but obey the speed laws, morally and ethically,

choose how far, but have a map so you do not get lost, emotionally,

choose how high, why not shoot for the moon, spiritually,

choose how low, spelunking and scuba are great adventures,

humbly, choose how much, always making sure there is enough to share.

"In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do;
it is not really the time but the will that is lacking." ~ Sir John Lubbock

Today, choose to have the will to do your best.

Today, let your best be the will of a loving Spirit of the Universe.

Today, be kind, be loving, be patient and tolerant, be forgiving,

and be the person your Higher Power wants you to be.

Happiness is knowing that you are not a zero.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


ME and the Boss






Thursday, October 15, 2015




On a scale

of one to ten,

with ten being the best,

God said we are all tens.



Why should we argue with God's judgement

and become the judges of others character,

even when we know that our own character

may be less than the best.

We judge the character of others

so that we do not have to look

at our own eccentricities.

Guilt and shame are the result

of not doing the will of our Higher Power.

God does not hold grudges or keep score,

so why should we?

God gives us a chance to be a ten every day,

the choice is ours.

Be kind, smile at ten people today.

Be loving, tell someone in your life how special they are to you.

Be the ten your Higher Power wants you to be.

When all else fails, count to ten.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

ME and the Boss